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Domestic / Local Move
Domestic / Local moving services all over UAE
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Office / Commercial Move
Commercial or large items moving services within UAE
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Plant / Industrial Move
Moving large industrial infrastructure within UAE
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Moving services to International locations by Moverz Market
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Our Moving & Storage Services

Domestic / Local Move

Home moving services within UAE

Office / Commercial Move

Commercial or large items moving services within UAE

Plant / Industrial Move

Moving large industrial infrastructure within UAE

International Move

Moving services to International locations


Storage facility services within UAE

Labor Camp / Staff Rooms Move

Moving labor or staff accommodations within UAE

Why Choose Us

Moverz Market is the best movers and packers that helps you in your moving and shifting of your household goods. We provide service like commercial, residential, and international relocation throughout UAE.

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    Moving is a process that brings a lot of stress. To decrease stress, many companies offer movers and packers services in Sharjah. Among all the companies who offer this service Moverz Market is one of the best. We are in this business for quite some time now. We offer all the moving service to the people. Whether you are looking for domestic or local removal service, commercial removal service, industrial move or even an international move. We have experience with both. In short, you get everything under one roof.

    The staff we have assigned for this service is active and trained. They love their job and make sure to bring a smile on the customer’s face. At the time you book our service, we provide those details to our staff. It gives them time to make a plan. We like to tell our customer that we never use the same strategy for every moving process. For each customer, we make a new strategy by keeping in mind the information and expectations they have from us. In between, if we like some strategy is not better, and we need to change it, we do it. But we make sure that we inform about it to you.

    Our staff hiring process

    We believe that our staff is one of the main reasons for our success. Their performance makes the customer happy, and they refer our company to others. So, at the time we need to hire new staff, we take all the precautions. We prefer to hire a person who shows true will towards this job. But before that, we check their history. The person with criminal background had no place in our company.

    Once we check the history, we give them training. They work with an experienced person to learn. Once we feel like they are ready to work professionally, only then they serve any customer. We not only give them training about the service, but we also transform their personality. It is important that they look professional and able to do monologue with the customer properly.

    In short, at the time our staff arrive at your property there is no need for you to worry about anything. They will not give you any chance to complain and serve you way better than the expectations of yours.

    Services we offer!

    Our company is a reliable moving company in Sharjah, and the service we offer is also the best. The services we offer to our customer are as followed:

    ·        Local move or domestic move

    If you live in Sharjah and about to relocate a home, apartment or any residence, you can contact us. We offer packing and unpacking service, van service, loading and unloading service. If you want all the service, just tell us. Also, if you just want one service among all, you can get that too. You will not have to pay extra to us, as you pay only for the price of a particular service.

    ·        Commercial service

    If you want to expand your business or because of other reason about to relocate the office, at that time you can hire us too. We have special staff for this service too. We will relocate all the expensive gadgets, important files and other things safely to the new location. We double-check everything, so the chance that something went missing is zero.

    ·        Industrial move

    Industrial move is a tricky thing. Here a lot of experience and multiple equipment’s are needed. The machines are huge, and without proper technique and knowledge, if you move them, they can become useless. But we like to tell you that we offer this service too. Not only we have enough man force but have all the latest tools too, which make our work a lot simpler.

    ·        International move

    We might be one of the few movers in Sharjah who offer international moving service too. So, if for some reason if you are moving out of Sharjah or about to move in Sharjah, feel free to contact us. We will serve you.

    Availability of storage service!

    While moving there are times when people need to store some things, but they don’t have a proper storage place. At the time they look for storage houses. Storage houses are hard to find, mainly locally. If you are among those who are looking for storage service too, then our company Movers Market is for you. The storage facility we provide you is the best. You get full access and can get your stuff back, whenever you need.

    The security of storage places is top-notch. The cameras are placed in every corner, and one guard is always there to keep an eye. Their shifts will change, and all the guards are trustworthy. The surroundings are also clean. So, don’t worry that your stuff will get damage at all.

    Why choose our movers services in Sharjah?

    • Our service of movers and packers in Sharjah is reliable and trustworthy.
    • The price we demand the service is competitive. No need to worry about extra charges, as there are none.
    • We are punctual. So, you don’t have to worry that any delay will happen.
    • You can get instant quotes from us for free.
    • Our service is available for you seven days a week. The charges may differ according to the day, but the difference is not much. You can pick a day and time that suits you.
    • For packing services, the material is arranged by us. So, you don’t have to worry about quality.
    • We also offer insurance for every service.

    Get in touch with us!

     So, if you are looking for packers in Sharjah, then come to us. The hiring process is very simple and easy. You can easily book our service from the website. You can also call us, and if you live close, you can visit our office. If you have any question, you can email us. Our customer care staff is always available, so they will reach back to you within an hour or two.

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