Aug 07

7 Useful Tips If You Are Moving With Kids

Moving to a big city like Dubai is a hectic job and becomes terrifying when you have kids! Moving becomes stressful not only for you but for the kids too as there is a long list of things to do while moving. Here, I’m presenting you useful tips if you are moving with kids in a big city like Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

1. Pack when they are asleep!

The first tip while moving with kids is to pack house items while they are asleep. It can be hard for you especially when you have to do so much packing and take care of the kid too, but it will be worth it. When kids are asleep, they won’t buzz you for little things nor will they get disturbed with so much going on. You can easily pack your valuables without getting interrupted by small poop breaks, tantrum breaks or nursing breaks!

2. Leave kids Items for the End

The biggest mistake during moving is to pack baby’s necessary things first! If you want to make the moving process go smoothly, it is essential to pack the nursery items at the end!

Kids need different things at different hours of a day, so it is hard to say what is necessary for them and what is not. Still, the best thing is to pack the kids’ item at last so that you can make them distracted by their favorite toys, pacifiers, blankets, and dolls!

3. Don’t hesitate to take Help

If your family members or friends are living somewhere in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, feel free to ask for help. When you have kids during moving and packing things become more complicated because kids easily get stressed with disturbed eating and sleeping habits. They will get fussier, cry a little more and will always bother you making you more tired.

Taking help from any family member or close friends is always useful. They can not only take care of the kid in the safe corner of the house but can also take the kid to the nearest park so that you can complete the packing efficiently. With friends and family around, your kid can be looked after with more care, and you will also feel relaxed and happy with a little help.

4. Label your packing Boxes

The most important tip, while you are shifting with kids, is to pack your boxes with colorful duct-tape and label them clearly. This tip helped a lot of people from unpacking days in the new home. All you have to do is take duct-tape of different colors and use them for each room. For example, you can choose the blue duct-tape on the packing boxes of your son, red duct-tape for your daughter’s room, yellow duct-tape for kitchen and so on.

You should always label each box clearly so that you can unpack things easily. Never forget to mention your baby items so that you access them immediately whenever there is a need.

5. Make an “Important Things” Box!

Relocating with kids require packing some extra things while you are on the go. For the moving day, you have to make a box or bag of necessities your kids can have. Pack his diapers, bottles, sippy-cup, favorite toy, blanket, pacifier, medications and any other necessary item your kid can’t live! This will help you make your baby calm during the moving.

6. Always move with some Professionals

When you have kids with you, it is useless to move all by yourself as it will only increase a significant amount of stress for you and your family. To ensure a safe and secure move, we recommend you to initiate the process with some professional company.

It will not only save you from a great deal of stress, packing and cleaning issues but will also provide you with different additional moving services! One of the best movers and packets I know is Moverz Market which is offering a variety of services to its customers besides necessary moving and packing services.

7. Stay Calm

Last but not least, always try to keep calm. It may sound annoying to you when you are busy packing so much, and your baby has become an evil-always-crying-and-annoying one, but staying calm is the key to manage things appropriately.

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